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We are the largest and fast-growing community of modern western digital music. And it ain't just a words -- take a look at our stats and use our search engine to estimate our catalogue.

We pay the very attention to not only electronic scene development (from ambient to hard-trance) but to those conventional styles like jazz, soul, blues, funk, classic music, etc. We also share lots of rap, hip-hop, r&b, reggae, dub, indie-rock with you. In the meantime out catalogue contains all possible native styles -- from samba till chanson.

It is clear that our catalogue embrace the widest collection of movie soundtracks, games, anime, cartoons, telecasts, musicals, etc...

You can find not only full CD releases, but also DVD, singles, bootlegs, compilations, mixes, radio, etc...

We give the maximum of attention not to only quality and variety of our digital mp3 music, but to such materially-minded features as download speed, quality of search engine and convenience in the use of our resource. It ain't worthwhile even to compare with other mp3 stores and pear-2-pear communities!

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Top Albums

Bruno Mars
Doo Wops And Hooligans
Year: 2010

Milk and Sugar vs. Vaya Con Dios
Hey (Nah Neh Nah)
Year: 2010

Maya Jane Coles
Humming Bird EP
Year: 2010

The Black Eyed Peas
The Time (The Dirty Bit)
Year: 2010

David Guetta featuring Rihanna
Who's that Chick
Year: 2010

Kanye West
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Year: 2010

Jessie J
Do it Like A Dude
Year: 2010

Afrojack and Tocadisco
Tequila Sunrise
Year: 2011

Genres Overview

Genre "folklore" Artists

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Artist name MP3 albums
A Hawk and A Hacksaw 7
Adios Nonino 1
Al Andaluz Project 2
Alazan 1
Alborada Flamenca 1
Aldo Monges 1
Alicia Fernandez 1
All the Rage 1
Aman Aman 1
Amantes 1
Amigos de Gines 3
Arbadetorne 1
Atalyja 1
Balval 1
Banda Calypso 3
Bandabardo 2
Ben ET Ses Geants 1
Bodega 3
Brenda Lee 3
Brigada Victor Jara 1
Cadaba 1
Camaron de Isla 1
Carmen Nuno 1
Celeste 2
Chaqueno Palavecino 1
Cherokee 3
Chirigota de Cadiz 1
Chirigota Los Sayonara 1
Choduraa Tumat 1
CJ E Castanha 2
Claude Methe 1
Cofradia de Ntra. Sra. de la Soledad de Teruel 1
Conjunto Ivoti 1
Constantinople 2
Coro Los Reyes de Las Tablas 1
Cosmopolis 3
Da Blechhaufn 2
David Cubero 1
Dazkarieh 3
Deolinda 1
Diego El Cigala 2
Dies Natalis 3
Djivan Gasparyan 3
Donnie Munro 3
Dorindo Cardenas 3
Dulce Pontes 2
El Barrio 5
El Chinito 1
El Fary 1
Ensamble Catako 1
Ensamble Gurrufio Y Camerata Criolla 1
Ensemble Dastan and Salar Aghili 1
Erik Marchand 1
Es Lo Que Hay 1
Ettore Petrolini-Made in Italy-it 1
Fado Em Si 1
Fanfare Ciocarlia 4
Fanfare Savale 1
Fernando de la Morena 1
Flor 1
Folk Bites 1
Frank Aguiar 3
Frei Fado Del Rei 1
Genticorum 1
Geraldo Azevedo 10
Gilles Servat 1
Gipsy King 1
Gran Coquivacoa 1
Grouyam Combo 1
Haidouti Orkestar 1
Hebano 2
Hermanos Rodriguez de Milan 1
Howie Day 5
Huascar Barradas 1
Hubert Von Goisern 5
I Muvrini 5
Indialucia 1
Intiillimani 1
Ion Petre Stoican 1
Ivo Papasov 1
Jacobo 1
Jason Spooner 1
Jhina Jhina 1
Joan Sebastian 4
Joao Paulo E Barachina 1
Joe dub 4
John Mclaughlin and Al Di Meola and Paco de Lucia 1
Jokers Daughter 2
Jorge Fernando Dos Santos 1
Jose Fernandez 2
Jose Luis Monton 1
Juan Damestoy and Leopoldo Vidal 1
Juan de Grana Y Jose Ramon Fernandez Flores 1
Keyvan Chemirani 2
Kids 2 Kids 1
Klezmer Alliance 1
Koch Music Library 2
La Banda Del Pepo 1
La Bazanca 1
La Bottine Souriante 2
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